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Want to Know More About a Tshirt Pillow?

Discover how to make a tshirt pillow and find out how much fun you’ll have with it. Take a look at your t-shirts to find one with the right design before starting a pillow. Be sure the T-Shirt’s fabric is appropriate for a pillow, a cotton or polyester blend may work best. If you would like a huge pillow, you may use more than one t shirt that goes together well. You can tie strips of fabric on the edge of your t shirt design to craft a no-sew pillow, use standard seam and sew two sides together, leave it in the t shirt shape complete with sleeves, or quilt more than one tshirt design or logo in a block pattern.

Just take the pillowcase off the tshirt pillow you wish to cover and use it as a template for sizing. Pillows can be created in many distinct sizes and then employed for color on your bed, couch, or floor, as well as comfort when you sleep. The pillow may be machine sewn on the edges, leaving an opening to stuff it. Then the opening can be hand-stitched to hide the thread.When you’ve finished, you are going to have an enjoyable, upcycled T-shirt throw, bed, or body pillow. You can make as many as you like and stack them in a corner for kids to play. Don’t be concerned about including a seam allowance unless your pillow is quite firm.

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Making fun pillows is simpler than you believe. If you don’t have thread, wadding, tools for measuring or marking, or a machine, go online and find a local fabric store or just order from an online quilting company that has inventory to choose from and more craft ideas to learn about.People who are thinking about making t shirt pillows have most of the material on hand with used clothing. But if you don’t want to invest in the tools and equipment, you can send you tshirts to a quilting professional and have them make it for you. You will give them instructions, or ask for advice on the pattern or assembly, and they will return the finished product to you.

Though sewing is involved in making a pillow, it is truly a simple job. You can make it more challenging by quilting more than one tshirt together in a design. If you already have a t-shirt blanket, it will make a matched set so both can preserve fun memories.Use formed poly down stuffing to give excellent form and a soft feel. You can also purchase a new shirt for your pillow or recycle a favorite sweatshirt instead. They may have a stain or two, so check to be sure the part of the shirt you want to include is clean. Make a shirt pillow from a deceased loved one’s shirt to remember them. Use a toddler-sized shirt if you require a more compact pillow form. The possibilities are endless.